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"At 16 weeks we found out the baby I was carrying had Trisomy 18, a chromosomal defect that is incompatible with life.  It was after much soul searching and with a heavy heart that after talking with my husband, family, rabbi and doctor that I decided to have an abortion. I thought long and hard about that decision, but once it was made my will never faltered.  An additional 72 hour wait, extra ultrasounds, mandatory videos would not have changed my mind, they would have just caused me more pain than I was already going through,” said Liz Read-Katz of Mid-Missouri. 

The extra pain is intended by the oxymoronic Pro-lifers.

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The magical Tufted Coquette! This beautiful hummingbird can be found sipping nectar in South America.

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don’t even talk to me unless you drive this car

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Swearing parrot.

I think by now it’s pretty commonplace for banks to charge check cashing fees for non-customers, which seems unnecessary/excessive but it’s also easily avoidable (GO TO YOUR OWN BANK to negotiate checks). 
You know how guys between the ages of around middle school to 24.5 (and frequently beyond) are obnoxious?
I had some kid come in to cash a check, and he threw a fit about the fee. I offered the alternatives, but I wasn’t going to waive the fee. Especially not for someone who thought he could get out of paying it by repeatedly calling me “babe.”
My professional, customer-service oriented job doesn’t allow me to openly say the things I REALLY want to say, but the kid was annoying the fuck out of me and I told him he was making me not want to cash the check at all, and I joked (kind of) that I’d RAISE the fee just for him.
He even said that “did it fall when you fell from heaven” bullshit line because yeah I’m totally going to be immediately flattered into waiving his fee.
I told him I was going to defer the transaction over to my manager and said he might be more easily flattered than myself.
Eventually the kid cashed the check (because I was wasting HIS time) and paid the fee and as he left told us he hopes our building burns down.

Also in the past month I’ve had a creeper say he saw me walking home and that he thought about following me. Because you know, that’s funny and cute.

Anyway. Dudes are lame and this is why women hate you.

My boss is cool though (he was standing at the station next to me while douchey kid was harassing me while trying to cash his stupid check) and said that if he wasn’t helping an old lady he’d have had some choice words for the kid. It’s nice working at a place with a boss that’ll defend us from scum.


CEO:Avg worker pay


CEO:Avg worker pay

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all i do is look at cats and listen to devo, don;t become me

Too late.



Greetings, beautiful mutants!

I’ve never made a masterpost before and always wanted to, so this post is basically a one-stop shop for the long, storied career of Devo, the de-evolution band. I’ll explain the band’s philosophy and squeeze a 40 year career into one…




Think about this shit.

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goddamn it Dave Foley


Vintage bicycle safety film from 1963


Vintage bicycle safety film from 1963


post punk

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