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One of those things where I talk about myself for a moment


Found on wrywlf's page


  • Name: Sarina
  • Birthday: 7.23
  • Fav Color: The primary colors of light
  • Lucky Number: I have a favorite but it provides no luck
  • Height: 5’4”ish
  • Talents: I’m pretty good at multitasking at work
  • Last dream I remember having: It was graphic and involved people getting run over by a bus.
  • Can I juggle: Kind of
  • Arts/sports/both: Equally bad at everything. I appreciate other people’s art and enjoy a sport (hockey)
  • Do I like writing: Only about myself in the form of these questionnaires. I don’t mind writing but other people are better at communicating their ideas/opinions
  • Do I like dancing: No.
  • Do I like singing: I used to sing while driving because I didn’t have to subject anyone else to the sound. I don’t have a car now, though. I’ll sing in the shower. But not in front of people.


  • Dream vacation: I flew across the country to see Devo, that was dreamy.
  • Dream guy/gal/other: Are you sure you want that list of 50+-year-olds
  • Dream wedding: lol
  • Dream pet: Savannah cat. Or a miniature pig. Or baby pygmy hippo.
  • Dream job: I have a bachelor’s degree in bio and the dream is being competent enough to use it. Being good at learning about something doesn’t mean you’re also good at it.


  • Favorite song: I’ve listened to that Freeland song Only A Fool (Can Die) a few times. 
  • Least favorite song: I try not to listen to so many songs I dislike that I can rank them…
  • Least favourite album: Of all time or by a specific artist?
  • Least favourite artist: All the artists outspoken about their gross political affiliations
  • Nerding out over: Devo


  • Guys/girls/both/other: For relationship purposes? Guys. Guys who look good as girls.
  • Hair and eye color preference: Green for both.
  • Humourous/serious: Seriously humorous. 
  • Taller/shorter: Taller than me
  • Biggest turn-off: Everything
  • Biggest turn-on: Nothing

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